Hötting West - All Saints

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Allerheiligen with the then important Kerschbuchhof estate at the entrance to the Kranebitter Klamm gorge has existed since the early 14th century. The Kerschbuchhof, later run as an inn, was a popular excursion destination for the people of Innsbruck, especially in the 19th century, and was literally stormed especially in the Wonnemonat because of its popular Maibutter (traditional dessert).

The Berchtholdshof, which is now run as an inn, is about 500 years old. A lively settlement activity began with the construction of the Mittenwaldbahn (1910-1912). The parish church of All Saints, designed by the famous Tyrolean architect Clemens Holzmeister, is architecturally outstanding and visible from afar.