We revitalize our .TOWN
We love our .PART
We celebrate our .CULTURE

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20 Innsbruck districts, full of culture & creativity

20 districts full of creativity, life and joy. Even though our beautiful city sometimes seems quite small, it hides a lot. Each district has its own character and its own personality. The aim is to rediscover the city, to experience its .PART in a new way and to give the many creative and productive people a stage to inspire the whole .CITY.

Discover diversity. Celebrate together

The .CITY.PART.CULTURE, in cooperation with the ISD district work, offers a year-round platform for this cultural diversity, both online and on site. To celebrate this in a fitting way, there will be a district tour in the first year with already 6 district festivals for participation and co-design, before we will move through all .PARTS in the coming years.

But that's not all that .STADT.TEIL.KULTUR is - we present you here an excerpt from many great, creative actions and events - some of them already well-known and an integral part of city life.


There is a lot going on in our .TOWN

Here is an excerpt from the diverse projects 2022:

District tour

DistrictFest WILTEN


Heart of Noise Festival


Festival of diversity

DistrictFest PRADL

Theater under stars

Classic on the mountain

Sun deck

Climate Salon

Wilten Summer of Culture

North chain weather light

Silent Cinema

city reading

ART didacta


Ambras Castle Festival

All the best festival

Krapoldi in the park

StadtteilFest O-DORF (cancelled)

DistrictFest REICHENAU

Goose Different Festival

Mobility Week Action Days Wilten


Innsbruck sings


Free wheel

Street art citymap

Club portal


BALE Super Market

Inn Active

help shape .CULTURE

You know something about your .CITY.PART that we don't know? Share it with us and send us a short description and pictures of events, exhibitions and other cultural activities that you miss here.

You have an event planned?

innsbrucktermine.at offers you the possibility to reach more people with the citywide event calendar.