Mentlberg - Sieglanger

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The district consists of the districts Mentlberg and Sieglanger and is separated by a railroad line. in 1490, the then city judge and mayor of Innsbruck, Heinrich Mentlberger, expanded a large farm on the Gallwiese into a noble residence, which was subsequently rebuilt and expanded several times. Today, Mentlberg Castle is owned by the province of Tyrol. In the 19th century, the Peterbrünnel Inn and the brickyard were built in the area of today's correctional facility, which is why it is popularly known as "Ziegelstadl".

From 1930 onwards, a hillside settlement developed, called Mentlbergsiedlung after the castle of the same name, although the strongest building activity did not begin until after the Second World War.

Below, in the plain at the Inn, a sideline settlement for unemployed working-class families was built in 1934 with the aim of combating unemployment and the resulting economic hardship. This settlement on the Anger, later christened Sieglanger, was in fact built with the strong participation of the residents: The spacious garden areas were used primarily for self-sufficiency.

Since 1977, a pedestrian bridge has connected the Mentlberg-Sieglanger district with the recreational area of the Höttinger Au.