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The name of the village has Romanesque roots and was already mentioned in documents in the 13th century as "Villa Ville" (village on the Villerbach). On the so-called Goarmbichl, stone remains of a former dwelling from the La Tène period (ca. 450 - 100 BC) were found, which is confirmation of an early settlement. In the high Middle Ages, Strassfried Castle was enthroned above the Sill Gorge and the Viller Brook, which, together with Sonnenburg Castle opposite it, guarded the entrance to the Sill Valley. After the extinction of the family of the same name, the castle began to decay and has now completely disappeared.

While the neighboring village of Igls developed into a spa and tourist resort in the 19th century, Vill remained predominantly rural and thus still offers a village appearance with numerous farms around its parish church, which was remodeled in the Rococo style.